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The 10 Commandements or Statements: Exodus 20:1-21; Deuteronomy 5:1-21.

I: We have only one God: Jesus Christ. HE saved and saves us from all forms of sins and bondages.

II: We worship and serve only one God: Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

III: We respect and revere the name(s) of God.

IV: We take a (at least one) holy-day weekly to rest.

V: We honor and respect our Father, Mother, Parents, GrandParents, Great...GrandParents, Elders, and Seniors.

VI: We do not kill, murder, lynch, slay, slaughter, slave, sell, smuggle, traffic, trade, batter, nor assault another human being, including babies in the womb.

VII: We abstain and flee from sexual sins: adultery, fornication, incest, beastiality, homosexuality, swinging, prostitution, pornography, pedophilia, molestation, rape, child marriage, etc.

VIII: We are content. We do not steal, rob, defraud, cheat, con, swindle, scam, phish, heist, nor take what does not belong to us.

IX: We speak the truth in love. We do not lie, deceive, dupe, defame, libel, slander, hoax, forge, fake, nor falsify.

X: We are content. We do not covet, lust, want, nor desire for what belongs to others.

Disclaimer Note or Further Explanation:

a) Free Will is a human right from God. So, a human being has the free will to serve or worship only Jesus Christ OR to serve or worship some god, being, person, group, thing, religion, or whatever. A person may "freely" serve and worship, as long as whatever is being worshiped and the doctrines or ideologies being served do not teach, encourage or radicalize worshipers and servers to violate or encroach other people's wills, rights, and freedoms (overtly or covertly). That said, we at ElohimTov pray and hope that each human being accepts Jesus as his or her Lord and Savior by choosing to serve and worship only Jesus Christ because HE died for everybody's sins, more than 2000 years ago. The word "freely" is in double quotes above because it is only in Jesus that a person finds and enjoys complete and true freedom: body, soul, and spirit.

b) These 10 Commandments or Statements above are not a justification for criminalising (taking away benefits or privileges) or dehumanising (taking away rights) of human beings EXCEPT if the offender's action violates or encroaches on another person's free will or consent. For example: rape and molestation (no consent and no free will) are human crimes, but fornication and homosexuality (consensual and freely willy) are not human crimes.

c) Continuing from example(s) mentioned in point b above. Biblically or from divine perspective: rape, molestation, fornication, and homosexuality are all sins. Human beings are not God, and so human beings cannot and should not legislate against fornication and or homosexuality. Also, human beings cannot and should not criminalize nor dehumanize anybody or anyone that practices fornication or homosexuality since these acts invovles the free will and consent of two ADULT individuals. Love people instead. This explained example is not an encouragement, neither a justification, nor an endorsement for fornicating, homosexing, or sinning.

d) Children and teenagers (under 18 years old) are supervised by a parent, guardian, or an authority. Children and teenagers (under 18 years old) have free will BUT they are not able to make or give consent in terms of sexual or sex sins. Sexual or sex sins are sins against one's own body. Due to these reasons children and teenagers (under 18 years old) have to be protected against pedophilia, rape, incest, sodomy, fornication, molestation, pornography, prostitution, slavery, kidnapping, human trafficking, and child marriage.

Thank you much. 😊

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