ElohimTov Policies: User, Privacy, etc.

User Terms

Welcome to ElohimTov! ElohimTov provides technology products and services that help enhance

your day-to-day living activities or routines. You may access and use ElohimTov products and

services if you accept the following terms, policies and conditions. By using ElohimTov, you

thereby agree to abide by the outlined contract and any applicable law of the city, county, province,

state, or country you are located. The term 'You' means the individual (human being) accessing or using

ElohimTov products and services and/or the the organization this person represents.

At any time, you are reserved the right and liberty to deactivate your ElohimTov account

or discontinue your ElohimTov use. We hope that you enjoy using ElohimTov products and services.

Please, tell all your family and friends about ElohimTov. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you!


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Privacy Terms

ElohimTov will not share any of your personal information (data) with any third party, company,

official, or personel. All your data stored on ElohimTov computer servers are considered private

and confidential. All your data are stored and protected thereby. Let ElohimTov know by using the

following contact information: (+1) 605-624-9421 or elohimtov@elohimtov.com if or when you observe

a breach or violation of your privacy. For each of our products and services we explain if and how we use your data below.

(A) ElohimTov Not-For-Profit Products and Services are listed as follows.

(1) ElohimTov Ministries (elohimtov.mobi): This is a Christian Ministry dedicated to Jesus Christ who is God, Savior and LORD.

(2) ElohimTov Mathematics (elohimtov.xyz): This webpage is a free academic, learning, and educational tool.

ElohimTov Not-For-Profit Products and Services are free for anybody and everybody to access and use. Therefore, ElohimTov

does not use cookies technology or any form of technology to track, collect, or store any data about (our users) you, your

IP location, or your activites web browsing on (or by) any of ElohimTov Not-For-Profit websites, webpages, and webapps.

(B) ElohimTov For-Profit Products and Services are listed as follows.

(1) ElohimTov WebNice (elohimtov.net): This is a collection of web apps and software applications designed and developed

by ElohimTov to enhance and improve your experiences on-the-web or online.

(2) ElohimTov CodeSolve (elohimtov.info): This website is a helpful resource for computer science problem solvers.

At ElohimTov CodeSolve, we solve and code Computer Science problems.

No data is tracked, collected or stored about you, your IP location or your activities browsing our web apps, pages or sites.

ElohimTov WebNice - HomePage:

This page currently lists different domain names or computer servers that spam or sponsor junk emails.

No data is tracked, collected or stored about you, your location, or your activities on this ElohimTov web page.

ElohimTov WebNice - Greetings.

This page lists the different ways of greeting people in languages from around the world.

No data is tracked, collected or stored about you, your location, or your activities on this ElohimTov webpage.

ElohimTov WebNice - SpamFilter.

This web app helps you filter and delete any spam emails with a single click of a button.

No data is tracked, collected, nor stored about you, your location, or your activities.

Please, see below for brief or detail explanation(s).

ElohimTov WebNice - SpamFilter: Data Access.

(Brief Explanation:) You give ElohimTov Access to your email data by clicking Authorize button and by successfully verifying

your identity on your email provider's website login-page. For Gmail, these websites are gmail.com or google.com.

(Detail Explanation:) Clicking the Authorize button will take you to the website of your email provider. ElohimTov SpamFilter

only supports Gmail users at the moment. By clicking the Authorize button your web-browser will be taken to gmail.com

or google.com website. One of these two web addresses should appear in your web-browser's web-address input textbox.

You will be asked to enter your login credentials at your email provider's website login web-page (gmail.com or google.com).

If you are not sure that you are on your email provider's website, please do not provide your credentials. Better safe than sorry.

After providing your login credentials to your email provider's website, your email provider will verify your identity.

If your identity verification by your email provider is successful, your email provider will grant ElohimTov access to

your email data so as to list, select, filter and or delete your spam emails. Please Note: To avoid and prevent scamming

and phishing you will need to provide your login credentials to your email provider only once to grant ElohimTov access.

Your email provider will use cookie technology to verify your identity the next time you need to use ElohimTov SpamFilter.

ElohimTov WebNice - SpamFilter: Data Use. ElohimTov filters out your spam. You may also delete your filtered spam emails.

ElohimTov WebNice - SpamFilter: Data Store or Storage. ElohimTov does not store any of your data nor store any user data.

ElohimTov WebNice - SpamFilter: Data Share. ElohimTov does not share any of your data nor share any user data.


Thank you much. 🙂

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